Risk Leadership Programs

At Resilyence we offer a range of programs to facilitate learning and growth for all levels of organisational leadership. Below are some of our programs but we pride ourselves on our own adaptability to organisational uniqueness so please feel free to contact us to chat and discuss your requirements further.

Organisational Resilience Program

This program is our signature Leadership program. Leaders need to understand what it is to be resilient and how to provide a resilient and adapting work environment. It is essential for organisations in understanding organisational culture. For more information on this program head to the blog article, What in the (Risk & Safety) World is Imagination?

Leadership Programs

The Leadership programs focus on specific leadership developmental skills such as Dealing with Conflict, Understanding Teams, Communicating in Teams, Experiential Learning Programs. We also provide specific supervisor training modules for frontline managers.

Keynote Presentations

We have a series of keynotes that have been specifically developed for corporate days, conferences or in-house events. Some of the topics include; Risk Makes Sense, One Brain Three Minds ™ , Understanding Risk Perception, Your Talk Matters.

Gabrielle Carlton - Resilyence Risk Leadership Programs

Risk and Safety Leadership Masterclass Programs

we have a range of Masterclass programs that run from one to three days. While we regularly conduct these sessions as public programs, they can be tailored and run in house for your team. The Masterclass sessions are ideal for organisational risk, safety and related teams who want to learn more about social psychology and risk.

Understanding Personality Types (Majors PTI/MBTI)

Resilyence have accredited Majors PTI (MBTI) practitioners and incorporate this leadership skill into many of our programs. We believe this assists many in understanding self and understanding others. This is a critical skill to know and have to be effective team members and leaders within your work environment.

If you are interested in learning more about any of our programs or services, call Gabrielle Carlton today on 0407 220094 or email at