Communication Programs

Communication and collaboration is a critical component of humanising the workplace.

Without mindful conversations we will never understand or know who our people really are.

These programs can be completely tailored or components taken from our existing programs.

A sample of these are below:

Communicating in Teams

This program can be run from half day through to a week long program. Focussing on understanding self, understanding others and how we make sense of our environment. It combines skills and learnings from the Leadership Program such as dealing with conflict, managing time, reflective listening. We also ensure experiential learning is a critical component of the learning program.

Safety Conversations

The program tackles perception, motivation, recognition, sensemaking, mindfulness and personality type. The program is highly interactive, practical and down to earth so that participants leave the training with a new found enthusiasm to engage with others in conversations throughout their workplace or within teams. This program also includes one-to-one onsite coaching on how to have an effective conversation.

Your Talk Matters

This program is an extension of the Safety Conversations program and tackles many concepts such as priming, framing and how language is critical in engaging in conversations. We focus on how words do matter and can also be a good program for understanding bullying.

Gabrielle Carlton - Resilyence