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Gabrielle Carlton - Resilyence

Gabrielle Carlton

Managing Director

Gabrielle is the founder of Resilyence and Principal Consultant.

Gab’s passion is understanding and ‘knowing’ people. She knows that people are the critical component of organisational resilience. And in order to better understand systems and processes we must first understand our people.

Gab has well over 15 years experience in the risk and safety space. Working and consulting across many diverse industries. Although she been entrenched in the industry far beyond that with her Dad, John Carlton, being a risk engineer for well over 30 years. Following in his footsteps and being mentored by him has kept her in good stead to understand the risk and safety industry.


Gabrielle Carlton is a specialist in the social psychology of Resilyence and social psychological wellbeing in the work environment.

She provides training, advice, coaching and mentoring for leaders and managers, teams and individuals.

Gabrielle has conducted resilience and adaptive training across a range of organisations using her own developed methodology – the Resilyence Intelligence.

The Resilyence Intelligence program which provides understanding on how humans amplify and attenuate signals in their decisions about life and work events and how best to tackle the challenges.


Gabrielle has over 15 years experience as an advisor, consultant and facilitator to industry as well as a strong personal background across a range of industries including: building and construction, mining, health and community services, electrical generation and distribution, manufacturing, property development and hospitality.

Gabrielle is able to use her expertise in analysis, training, organisational and social psychology, research, culture surveys to serve a wide range of needs. She has conducted cultural surveys to businesses across mining, transport, building construction and manufacturing. She has also conducted organisational and leadership training for Watpac, Mirvac, Ventia, Harris Farm Markets, Jemena, Black and Veatch, Fulton Hogan, Built, Hindmarsh, NSW Department of Planning & Environment, Catholic Education, Woollahra Council, Department of Aged and Disability.

Gabrielle is an accomplished presenter and coach and has presented at National conferences. She has published in a number of professional journals.


Gabrielle holds formal qualifications in risk, safety and psychology. She is currently undertaking a Masters degree in Social Psychology of Risk at the Australian Catholic University

Rob Sams

Rob Sams

Managing Director of Dolphyn

Rob is the owner and principal consultant at Dolphyn. Rob often partners with us at Resilyence in supporting our clients develop and implement leadership, cultural change and communication programs.

Rob has more than 20 years experience working with organisations in risk, safety and organisational culture. He has worked with large International organisations and small family businesses, bringing a diversity of knowledge and experience to clients. Rob builds relationships and ‘scaffolds’ people development and change so that organisations can achieve the meaningful goals they set for themselves.

Rob is a passionate leader in his field and has specialist skills, qualifications and experience in social psychology, risk and health and safety.

Rob Long


Human Dymensions

Dr Robert Long (Rob) is the founder of Human Dymensions. Rob has extensive experience, qualifications and expertise across a range of sectors including government, education, corporate, industry and community sectors over 30 years. Rob has worked at all levels of the education and training sector including serving on various post graduate executive, post graduate supervision, post graduate course design and implementation programs.

Rob often partners with Resilyence to assist in the specific area of cultural assessment and analysis. As the designer of the unique Mi-Profile survey tool, Rob provides Resilyence’s clients with an extra dimension when it comes to cultural analysis. You can learn more about the Mi-Profile survey at

Rob is the author or three books which challenge the usual paradigm and understanding of risk. His first book Risk Makes Sense is a best seller and has been distributed to over 20 countries. His second book, For The Love of Zero helps readers understand the importance of language and it’s impact on the unconscious the third book, Real Risk has as its thesis, that to be able to discern risk, one must better understand it rather than try to eliminate or avoid it. Rob’s fourth book is due for publication in late 2014 and it will focus on leading risk, with a particular emphasis on understanding ‘followers’.

You can find out more about Rob’s books and purchase them online by visiting

Rob is also the facilitator of post graduate studies in Social Psychology and Risk at ACU. He has developed a significant number of programs thatResilyence are able to run in your organisation.

James Ellis

James Ellis

Managing Director at Framework Group

James Ellis is the founder and managing director of Framework Group. James is a physiotherapist with 20 years’ experience in helping organisations to understand injury prevention and management. James and his team of health professionals have developed an innovative approach to injury prevention and management that favours people over process. Framework’s challenge is to help their clients to humanise injury management within a workers compensation domain that typically disempowers employers and injured workers.

James’ team have broad experience in consulting to varied industry groups including retail, mining, agriculture, aged care, the club industry, supermarkets and schools. Framework’s approach is most effective within medium sized businesses (between 200 and 5000 employees).

James is studying for a masters degree in social psychology and is enthusiastic about sharing and eliciting ideas with his clients, his team and his strategic partners.

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