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What in the (Risk & Safety) World is Imagination?


“On a day like today, when there are very little clouds in the sky, and the grass is long, don’t you think it would be a great day for some handstands in that long, long grass? Well, Jimmy did.” (Toby CVB, 9 years old) Children don’t lose sight of the ability to imagine possibilities. This […]

We are in Control and Other Such Delusions!


It was sad to hear about the death of the genius man, Robin Williams. It was even sadder to hear the reason why. This is a man many of us have followed, watched, laughed with, cried with and grown up with. For some it hit hard. It was very unexpected! How do we manage the […]

Ethical Leadership is the Essence of Safety Leadership


Sometime in my past I worked in an executive role along side the CEO. I was his ‘right-hand-man’ because he wanted ‘safety’ and compliance at his fingertips at all times. This lead me to believe his motivation was of good moral standing. I then witnessed how he gained ‘power’ in an executive team meeting: swearing, […]